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цифровая типография

Equipment List


Two flagship digital printing Xerox iGen150 and two full-color printing machines Xerox iGen 3 is the ideal solution for rapid manufacturing any runs full-color printing products of the highest quality. Maximum speed printing paper weights 64-350 g/m of 6,000 A4 impressions per hour. The maximum size of 360 x 660 mm.

оперативная типография

Three black-and-white digital presses XEROX Nuvera

Print speed 144 and 288 A4/min

Оборудование типографии

NUVERA is in the model series number of Xerox monochrome devices Class HI-End. Functionally, this machine - a high-performance laser printer. The maximum monthly print volume of 3.5 million A4 prints. Distinctive features of this machine:
- Print format to SRA3 (320x450 mm);
- Offset printing on coated paper and a density of 80 to 220 g/m;
- 256 levels of gray.

When ordering on-line on our website business cards, flip wall calendars, booklet-with-folding, self-copying forms, and other printed materials, you will receive a print of the highest quality guaranteed terms



The site pre-production

HP designjet 5500 (2 pcs.)

High-performance solution to meet your needs for wide-format printing due to the high speed printing capabilities to create to create perfect color images of photographic quality, and thanks to the exceptional reliability in operation. Print width 1500 mm, printed materials: paper, photo paper, canvas, banner, Beckley, polypropylene, adhesive tape and paper.


Synergix 510dp (2 pcs.) - Is the necessary flexibility in the configuration and versatile printer in its class. The printer has a resolution of 400 dpi and can print at speeds of 10 A1 per minute. The ability to print on roll materials with a width up to 914 mm. Substrates up to 100 g/m² paper, tracing paper, film. 510dp printer works with scanning system Synergix. This unique system has a resolution of 400 dpi is capable of scanning at up to 12 m / min, and run with the original thickness of 13 mm.

оборудование интернет-типографии

Pad printing machine Morlock MKM80 3.0


Number of stations with paint: 5;
Maximum print size: diameter max. 55 mm;
Possibility of screen printing: YES;
Color model raster printing: CMYK;
The maximum print resolution: 380LPI;
Recommended print resolution: 300, 250, 200LPI;
Minimum thickness of lines layout: 0.05 mm;
The percentage of each paint was 15% - 90%;
Capacity max: 800 pieces / hour in full color (without operator);
Performance real: 600 pieces / hour in full color. (If necessary, the double coating of any paint rate is halved);
The size of cliché: 90 x 165 mm;
The required number of items for fitting: 1-5 (depending on complexity);
Max marriage: up to 5% (depending on the complexity);
Time to full ink curing at room temperature: about 48 hours.

Laser Engraver "MiniMARKER 2"

лазерная гравировка

The size of the treatment area: 100x100 mm;
The standard print resolution of 508 dpi;
File Format: .cdr, (.ai not recommended);
Maximum speed of the beam: 8750 mm / s;
Software resolution: 2.5 mm;
Depth of focus: 3 mm;
Productivity - 900 pcs / h (metal stick);
The required number of items for fitting - 1-3 (depending on complexity);
The percentage of marriage: 1 - 3% (depending on complexity).

Engraving can be applied to any metal surface and the plastic (with restrictions) on some metal surfaces can achieve simulating color.
It is not possible to apply the engraving:
- Rounded surfaces (font maximum height of 4 mm on the handle);
- Plexiglass, glass, leather, paper, wood.


Finishing Equipment

Automatic press for cutting and stamping KAMA ProCut DC58 and KAMA ProFoil 74

печать визиток в оперативной типографии     вырубка

Quick installation of the stamp, low noise, 10,000 manufactured and packed presentation folders in two hours, accurate cutting, neat edge.
The basic functions of the universal machine Kama ProCut - cutting, creasing, notching, punching, engraving of (for adhesive labels) and blind embossing to produce a wide range of products from paper, cardboard, micro-corrugated cardboard and plastics with a maximum capacity of 5,000 sheets per hour. Embossing Braille.

Specifications KAMA 58:
It cuts down the following material: Maximum sheet size 580h400 mm minimum sheet size 210h148 mm;
Maximum format 560h380 punching (we have a maximum size sheet 360h570 mm, the mean maximum format punching 340h550 mm);
Permitted thickness of the cardboard at the cutting - 90-800 gm per sq.
Maximum thickness mikrogofrirovannogo cardboard - 1.8 mm, creasing material from 170 um.
The maximum speed of 5,000 sheets per hour.
Perhaps cold stamping. Formats such as the thickness of the same material.

Specifications KAMA 74:
Maximum sheet size 740h600 mm;
Maximum format 720h560 stamping;
Permitted thickness of the cardboard at the cutting - 90-800 grams per square .;
Maximum thickness mikrogofrirovannogo cardboard - 1.8 mm;
Crease material from 170 g;
Maximum speed foil: 4500 sheets per hour;
Holograms shtamping 3,500 sheets per hour;
Harvesting: 5000 sheets per hour.

Perfect-binding machine CP Bourg 3002


Automatic high-performance perfect binding machine up Perfect for the production of blocks from both the individual sheets, and from notebooks. It provides high quality and performance.

The width of the unit, mm: 100 - 320;
The length of the spine unit at the cover, mm: 100-385;
The thickness of the block (min / max.): 2 sheets / 60 mm;
Capacity cycles / hour: 600.

Folder-creaser Morgana DigiFold

типография производство

In DigiFold uses two most successful technologies developed by Morgana: with creasing and folding knife with unique "flying knives." DigiFold solves the problem of handling the toner prints or complex for folding materials. Toner longer showered with welts on the printout remains streaks and scratches on faltskasset and paper, even if it is mixed with the paper fiber direction, does not break at the fold line. Paper can reach 630x330 mm and density of 400 g/m, the speed - 1500 sheets per hour

Cutter Perfecta 76 UC and Perfecta 76 TVC

цифровая типография

Modern high-performance machine, which has a cutting width of 76 cm, is a versatile tool for the finishing of various types of sheet-printed products. It is used in post-processing of magazines and brochures, books and posters, as card card-body as for industrial cutting labels. It is equally easy to work with different materials: paper and cardboard, and metallofolgoy foam, plywood and rubber, as card card-body as acetate and many other complex materials.

Electric punching machine Renz Super 700


Hammers - used to "punching" holes for further binding of paper or plastic, metal spring coil.

Perforation 4.5x4.5 mm;
Width 500 mm;
Availability control the depth of perforation;
Auto-stop knives;
Step 3:1;
Toole with logging under the crossbar.

Semi-automatic binding machine AUTOBIND 500

оборудование типографии

Semi-automatic binding machines - used in medium or large volume bookbinding for bonding before otperforirovannogo paper, metal spring.

Working Width (mm): 500;
Possible binding to pass;
Performance (clamp / hour):
on the A4 - 1900 500 mm - 1750 with the bolt on the A4 - 1500, 500 mm bolt - 1400

UV Coating Machine Duplo Ultra 205A (2 pcs.)


This device is intended for the application of UV coating on the surface of prints produced digitally. Until now, digital printing used only lamination. It is now possible continuous UV varnishing of prints produced digitally. Scope UV coating in the digital printing industry is huge and very relevant. With it you can increase the attractiveness of any kind of production: photos, business cards, posters, book covers, invitations, greeting cards and other printed products produced in small editions.

Productivity, m/min 10-36;
Leaf width, max. 521 mm;
Paper weight, g/m 120-350;
The thickness of the varnish of 4-16 microns

Roller coaters Gula 3500


Application blister varnish on prints. Use a high-quality Italian blister varnish on the basis of ethyl acetate. Welding blister paper and paper-paper. Unlike other coatings available on the market, we guarantee 100% welded.

Maximum sheet size - 1.26x0.97 m;
Max polish dry - 12 g/m;
Maximum thickness of the board - 5 mm.

Engineering folding machine Estefold 2200


Application - precision addition of copies prints. These documents have a smooth sharp edge, adding the width is adjusted to the nearest millimeter. The machine is ideal for adding small and medium volumes of documents. Intelligently handles documents ranging in size up to 930 mm in width and of indefinite length.

Document length 420 mm - unlimited;
The width of the paper 275 - 930 mm;
Paper weight 60-110 g/m;
The width of the folded paper 180 - 210 mm;
Golf Binder 0-30 mm in 1 mm increments;
The rate of addition of 18 m/min.

Packing plant

оперативная типографияинтернет-типография

Brewing HD / Heat Machine WELDECH WE-1001 CAS

Manufacturing of blister packaging.


6 production lines of the package;
Power plant: 40000-70000 packages per shift;
Temperature 0 - 200 (C);
Pneumatic Drive;
The maximum pressure of 800 kgs;
Size of upper electrode (mm) 550 x 650;
The size of the lower electrode (mm) 600 x 700


доставка типографии

Shipping department